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I would recommend using "apply" method in pandas, which allows you to apply a function along an axis of the DataFrame. So, what I did is to write a function that checks whether a given row of data frame contains one of the values in the list or not. If it contains one of the values it returns that value; otherwise, it returns None.In this article, Let's discuss how to check if a given value exists in the dataframe or not. Method 1 : Use in operator to check if an element exists in dataframe. Python3. Python3. # import pandas library. import pandas as pd. # dictionary with list object in values. details = {.Hi guys, I have this problem. I have e.g. "free good software" in one column and I need to determine if this column contains any of "free" or "gratis" or "gratuit" + other 50 free variations in different languages. I tried to use List.ContainsAnyOf as workaround but you dont want to know how ... · Consider this ... List.ContainsAny( Text.Split ...How to determine if a column contains certain elements in pandas . I want to check if the column app contains the element of myList.. import pandas as pd df=pd.DataFrame({'app':['a,b,c', 'e,f']}) myList=['b', 'f'] print (df) Mar 04, 2020 · If you're looking to use pandas for a specific task, we also recommend checking out the full list of our free Python tutorials; many of them make use of pandas in addition to other Python libraries. In our Python datetime tutorial , for example, you'll also learn how to work with dates and times in pandas. In [167]: n = 10 In [168]: df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(n, 3), columns=list('abc')) In [169]: df Out[169]: a b c 0 0.687704 0.582314 0.281645 1 0.250846 0.610021 0.420121 2 0.624328 0.401816 0.932146 3 0.011763 0.022921 0.244186 4 0.590198 0.325680 0.890392 5 0.598892 0.296424 0.007312 6 0.634625 0.803069 0.123872 7 0.924168 0.325076 0 ... Overview. A column is a Pandas Series so we can use amazing Pandas.Series.str from Pandas API which provide tons of useful string utility functions for Series and Indexes.. We will use Pandas.Series.str.contains() for this particular problem.. Series.str.contains() Syntax: Series.str.contains(string), where string is string we want the match for.; Parameters: A string or a regular expression.